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Price Conversion Web Widget

Show a price conversion in your site, offer your products in multiple currencies.

Our price conversion web widget is extremelly easy to integrate into any site.  Using this widget you can show your products and services in more than 150 currencies, with rates changing in real time, completely transparent to you and your clients.  Just two lines of HTML code and you will be able to enjoy all these benefits.

  • Web Widget
  • Main Features

    - Automatically detects the default currency of your visitors based in the country they are coming from. What a better client experience!

    - Select your currency once in any page and it will be auto selected in all other pages in your site.

    - More than 150 currencies to choose from.

    - Extremelly flexible: completely customizable to your needs.

  • As a sample, select the currency of your choice (did you notice that we know what your default currency is?) to see instantly how much 10,000 JPY is worth right now:

  • Or set the currency once and see how much three different prices, in three different currencies, in three different places in your web page will change at the same time:

    100 USD is

    200 EUR is

    300 GBP is

Please contact us if you are interested in this product. We will help you to get it integrated in your site.

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