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Track and share life’s most important numbers. The world is increasingly instrumented. Life is increasingly quantified. Attention is increasingly scarce. Numerous is a beautiful solution!

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Numerous is a beautiful application developed by Numerous Inc. It is exactly what you're thinking, an application to track your more important, relevant and personal numbers. It has a REST API that allows their users to do amazing things and that is exactly what we have been doing. Here are some samples of the metrics we have created.

2014 FIFA World Cup 2016 Summer Olympics

Important events

Nothing fancy is required to create count downs to significant events in your life, and then share it with others. Click on the image to see these numbers and add them to your application.

Currency Rates

We have a Currency Exchange Channel, fully working in Numerous.  You can pick two currencies of your choice and add its rate to the app.  Here we are showing a few of the channel stats, updating in real time.

2014 FIFA World Cup 2016 Summer Olympics 2014 FIFA World Cup 2016 Summer Olympics 2014 FIFA World Cup 2016 Summer Olympics 2014 FIFA World Cup 2016 Summer Olympics 2014 FIFA World Cup

Countdowns to your next TV show

Similar to important events, these are count downs to your favorite TV shows. We ensure that cancellations, delays, ... etc. are properly updated so you know exactly when the next one wil be available. For shows that are announced but still not being aired, we still got you covered with the expected date; once officially announced we will updated automatically! Click on the show of your choice to add it to your app.


Do you want to track a TV show that it is not shown here? Simple let us know via the following tweet button:


Klout Score My Klout Index My Klout Score


We have made it very simple to get your Klout score in Numerous.  Just create a custom metric in the app, ensure that others can update it, and let us know the metric ID and your klout ID. We will take care of the rest!


Metric ID:


Klout ID:


I confirm that I have created a metric with public access to be updated.


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