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Track Silver price compared to 150 different currencies and receive latest updates real time!

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Tracking Silver price with iSilver+ is a lot easier than you have ever experienced before, because all the features that are available in the app will offer you quick and up to date prices. Most importantly the prices are so easy to analyse as the app shows you the graphs, which shows different period of time - week, month or even a year. So if you need an app that tracks Silver price with no hassle, this is the only one to consider.

Now fully integrated with notification center in iOS5

Now with iOS5 on your iPhone you will get all the latest updates straight to your Notification Centre. You will be able to follow changes of the rates even without opening the app. Set your own settings and get notified about currencies you are interested in. Notifications are great when you want to know all the latest news real time as they change.

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