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iCurrency Plus

iCurrency Plus

Tracking currency rates has never been easier! Arrange currencies in pairs, do your settings, and relax while stay informed!

iCurrency Plus is the easiest way to track currency rates. Choose currency pairs from more than 150 different currencies available. Get notifications in real time as the rate changes based on your settings. See charts for daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly or yearly trends. There is no other app like this one available on the market!

This app is available on following devices:

iCurrency Plus Supported Devices iPad & iPad mini iPad & iPad mini OSX OSX Windows iPhone


Watched Currencies

Unique design to see the rates

Add a currency pair and set the change notification values. The app will show you the current rate as well as the change according to the chosen period. Hundreds of currencies available for you to watch.

The app will even notify you when the change greater than your settings happen - watch for the arrow indicators. The notification light on the left of each pair will tell you:

Red LightBlue: this pair rate is being shown in the notification center;
Red LightRed: no notification set for that pair;
green Dark Green: notifications set, but not received;
green light Light green: notification received and acknowledged by you;
Green Intermittent green: new notification received, waiting aknowledgment;
yellow Intermittent yellow: notification received, but no longer valid.

Track currency pairs, not just currencies

Choose the pair of currencies that you are interested in (unlike other currency apps that just show you the rate vs. the USD) and customize your settings to get notifications. These two currencies and its rate will then appear once your settings are saved. It is easy to modify or swap the currencies, just press the edit button.


Tracking currency pair rates real time is a unique feature of this app. Define the period of time to check and the percentage that will trigger the push notifications. Those notifications will appear when the change is greater that the specified percentage over a period of time. Notifications will appear on your phone even it is locked or the application is not running!

Adding a new pair
Adding a new pair

Handy Currency Calculator

A handy calculator is integrated in the app, so there is no need to spend more time opening another app or doing mental multiplications. It is very easy, just just put the value you want to convert and press teh currency you want to convert to, and that is it!

Awesome Charts and Trends

For any currency pair we have all the charts you need to do any trend analysis.  We offer daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly and yearly graphs that are available on the same screen.


For the Windows version of the application see an approximation curve, as well as resistance and support lines.  You are ready to predict the future now!

Adding a new pair
Watched Currencies

Choose from more than 150 currencies

With our currency selector on all platforms, it is very easy to find the currency you are looking for, we have more than 150 available.


If the currency you are looking for is not available on the list, please contact us, and we will add your currency on the fly, you won't even need to update the application.

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