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iCurrency Plus

iCurrency Plus

Tracking currency rates has never been easier! Arrange currencies in pairs and stay informed!

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iCurrency Plus is the easiest way to track currency values. Choose currency pairs from more than 150 different currencies available. Get notifications in real time, in the Windows notification area or better if you have Snarl installed, as the rate changes critically. See lots of charts for the latest daily, monthly or even yearly trends. With our stats module, you can easily track support and resistance values; now you are ready to predict the future!


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Get notified with Snarl

It is a lot easier to follow the changes of rates, as notifications come in, if you have Snarl for Windows installed! Snarl is a highly customizable notification engine for Windows, way better than the alerts at the Windows notification area. More information about Snarl available is here.


Do not have Snarl installed?


No worries, the alerts will come to the Windows Notification area.  Remember that due to Windows restrictions, only one alert can be displayed at any given time.

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